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Create a Quote
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Create a Quote

Begin by navigating to Quotes > Quotes. Click on + New Quote and choose the Template in the dropdown field that the Quote will be built upon.

To learn how to create or edit a Template, view the article Create a Template.

If necessary:

  • Choose the appropriate Reseller to create the Quote as.

  • Alter the Quote Name, Quote number, or expiration date.

  • Alter the Quote Content (Cover Page, Cover Letter, and Appended Content) which is currently prepopulated with your chosen Template's content.

In the Prepared For section, search for your customer details in the fields with the magnifying glass icon, or enter in new customer details. The new customer will be added to the People tab.

If necessary, add a Shipping Address by toggling on Shipping Address on Quote.

Note: Configure which PSA/CRM to default the Person Search feature to in Settings > General > Default Person Search.

Begin to populate your Quote with your Line Items.

Some of our Line Item features (provided your current Plan supports them):

  • Allow your customer to make a single selection from multiple Items with Single Select

  • Consolidate and organize your Line Items with Sections

  • Combine multiple Items into Bundles

  • Create an interactive quoting experience with Optionals

  • Make any of your Line Item(s) recurring

  • Create ad-hoc Line Items and/or Bundles, or choose from an existing Item in your integrated PSA/Distributor by Adding Items through the Product Cloud

  • Apply any Discounts

  • ... amongst many more!

If necessary, add any Quote Attachments.

If necessary, configure a Shipping amount and add or alter a Tax code or jurisdiction.

If necessary, add a comment to your customer, which will be shown at the bottom of your Quote.

If necessary, alter any default Acceptance & Payments settings.

If necessary, add an Internal Note for internal communication.

After your Quote is built, you can:

The Quote is now ready to be emailed to your customer. Based on your current integrations and business needs, your customer can now accept the Quote electronically and/or make a payment through a payment gateway.

Happy Quoting!

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