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Acceptance, Electronic Signatures, and Payments
Acceptance, Electronic Signatures, and Payments
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Note: It is important to understand the relationship between a Quote and the Template that it is built on. All Quotes in Quoter are derived from a Template. The Quote is a snapshot in time and will default to the Template settings at the time that it is created. On Quote create, changes to individual Quote settings will override the default Template settings, but it will not update the Template settings.

On a Template-by-Template basis, you can choose to enable online payments, deposits, and electronic acceptance within Templates > Edit Template > Acceptance & Payments.

Electronic Acceptance

Our Electronic Acceptance feature allows your customers to formally agree to purchase the contents of their quotes according to your terms of sale. Enabling Electronic Acceptance will populate your Quote with an clickable 'Accept Quote' button. To enable our Quote Electronic Acceptance when adding or editing a Template, simply navigate to the Acceptance & Payments tab to select the Enabled radio button under Electronic Acceptance:


  1. In Quoter, navigate to Templates > Edit Template > Acceptance & Payments and ensure that Electronic Acceptance is Enabled. Enabling Electronic Acceptance will prepopulate the "Accept Quote" button on the Quote. This will allow you to adjust the payment settings.

  2. Under Payments, you have several options:

    • Selecting Full Payment will allow you to charge the entire upfront amount. If Payment Required is enabled, the customer must pay to accept the Quote. If Disabled, they can sign for it without paying. If you don't have a payment gateway set up, choose Disabled.

    • Selecting Deposit will allow you to choose the amount that will be charged. You can then select Fixed Amount which will let you set a specific dollar amount, or Percentage of Quote which will let you select a percentage. As above, you can enable or disable the payment requirement.
      Note: The deposit amount is always taken from the upfront total on the Quote.

    • Selecting Disabled will disable the payment gateway for this Template.

  3. Click Save Template to save your changes.


You can check off Show Acceptance Terms and populate the text box with specified Acceptance Terms. Click on the checkbox to the left of Show Acceptance Terms:

Requiring Signature will utilize our Electronic Signature feature in a new window when the customer clicks on "Accept Quote" on the Quote:

Here, you can also check off Require Signature and Send customer copy of Accepted Quote. Checking off Require Signature will require the customer to type in their name as a signature as seen in the image above. Checking off Send customer copy of Accepted Quote will email out a confirmation copy of the accepted Quote to the customer upon acceptance.

Acceptance Custom Fields

As needed, you can create new Custom Fields for the customer to fill out during Quote acceptance. To create a new Custom Field, click on New Custom Field and type in a Label, choose from a Type (Text, Date, Dropdown, or Area), and choose an option for Required.

To choose from an existing Custom Field, choose from the dropdown box as seen below and click on Assign.

Custom fields will be shown on the Quote.

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