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Learn how to add Sections to your Quotes

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With our latest feature, Quote Sections, it's a snap to create multiple subheadings with separate subtotals on your Quotes. It's perfect for breaking up your Quotes by category, service type, or any other grouping you choose.

Creating a Section

1. When creating or editing a Quote, navigate to Line Items and click New Section:

2. This will bring up the Section interface shown below. From here, you can enter the name of the Section and add Line Items as usual:

Note: Section names are optional.

3. To hide the Line Items under that Section, click the black arrow next to the Section name. This will reduce visual clutter when making the Quote. Note that the Section Total will still be displayed:

Adding Multiple Sections

There's no limit to how many Sections you can add to a Quote. To add more, simply follow the above steps until you reach the desired number of Sections.

A Quote with multiple Sections will appear to the customer like this:

The Section Subtotals will be added together and any tax will be calculated to display the final Quote Total.

Adding Sections to Templates

You can now add Sections with Items to your Templates! This lets you add custom headings and Items automatically when you make Quotes using that Template.

  1. First, go to Templates > Edit Template. You'll now see an Add Section option under the Line Items heading:

    2. Click Add Section to name the Section and add Items from your database.

    Note: As with other Template Items, only Items in your Quoter Items database may be added to Sections. The same Item cannot be added more than once.

The Items will now show up under the appropriate Section when creating Quotes for that Template.


  • Bundles, Product Cloud Items, and Optional Items can be added to Sections just as you normally would when creating a Quote. This gives you a lot of possibilities to offer more choices to your customers!

  • Shipping costs will be calculated for each Section and then added together as part of the Quote Total.

  • Section-level Discounts are not currently supported.

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