Bundles are here! We're excited to show you how our latest tool for creating packaged Items works.

What are Bundles?

Bundles allow you to combine multiple products and/or services into one fixed-quantity package which you can easily add to your Templates and Quotes. With Bundles, you can:

  • consolidate multiple Items into a Bundle with a single price/description, making your Quotes cleaner and simpler

  • set up fixed quantities of Items within a Bundle so that adjusting the quantity for the Bundle also adjusts all the Items within the Bundle (e.g., 1 car will always contain 4 wheels)

  • create Optional Bundles that the customer can choose from when accepting the Quote

Creating a Bundle

  1. First, navigate to Items > Bundles and click New Bundle. This will bring up the Add Bundles screen:

  2. Enter a Name and Category for your Bundle.

  3. Choose the Frequency for the Bundle (One-time or Recurring). If Recurring, choose the Recurring Frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, etc.)

    Please note: Bundles may not contain both One-time and Recurring items.

  4. Choose whether or not to Show Bundled Items on Quote. This affects how the customer sees Bundled items on their Quote.

    • If unchecked, you can enter a Description for the Bundle which will be seen by the customer on the Quote. The customer will not see the individual price or quantity breakdowns for the Items, just the names of the Items and the total for the Bundle as a whole. Leaving this option unchecked will also allow you to create the entire Bundle as an Optional item.

    • If checked, the option to add a Description will be removed and the Items will appear on the Quote as they do normally (e.g., with individual price/quantity breakdowns). This option is best if you're using Bundles to make building Quotes easier but don't want to change what the customer sees on their Quotes.

  5. Next, add Items to your Bundle by clicking Add Item:

    This will let you select Items from your Quoter database to add to your Bundle. Note that only items that match the Frequency setting (e.g., One-time, Monthly, Annually) for your Bundle can be added. If you are adding Parent/Child Items, both Items must match the Frequency setting.

    Please note: At this time, Items from the Product Cloud or your integrations may only be added to Bundles during Quote creation (see Creating Bundles on Quotes below).

  6. Select the Quantity for Items in the Bundle. Note that when adding a Bundle to a Quote, only the Bundle Quantity itself can be changed. Doing so will multiply the Quantities of the Items in the Bundle based on the values created here (e.g., doubling the Bundle Quantity will also double the Quantities for all Items within the Bundle). Item Quantities can be changed at any time by navigating to Items > Bundles > Edit Bundle and adjusting the Quantity value in the Bundle.

  7. Click Save Bundle to create your Bundle.

Adding Bundles to Templates

Once you've created a Bundle, you can add it to a Template like any other Item in your Quoter database. Simply navigate to Templates > Edit Template > Add Item, select the Bundle, and click Add Item:

Note that Bundles are denoted by a special icon to distinguish them from other Items.

Adding Bundles to Quotes

In the same way, Bundles can easily be added to Quotes.

  1. When creating a Quote, clicking Select Item will bring up your Item database and allow you to add the Bundle as shown above.

  2. Once you've added the Bundles to your Quote, you can adjust the Bundle Category, Name, and Quantity as well as the Item Category, Name, Cost, Price, and Discount amount. The price of the Bundle will automatically adjust based on the price of the individual items. You can also remove any unwanted Items from the Bundle.

Showing/Hiding Bundled Items on Quote

Depending on whether or not the Show Bundled Items on Quote setting is checked, the Bundles will show up slightly differently on the Quote.

  • If Show Bundled Items on Quote is unchecked, the Bundle itself can be made Optional, but not the individual Items:

    The Bundle will also show on the Quote without listing the individual item breakdowns:

  • If Show Bundled Items on Quote is checked, the individual Items can be made Optional, but not the Bundle itself:

    In this case, the Bundle will show just the individual Line Items, as it would on a normal Quote:

Optional Bundles

  1. To create an Optional Bundle, follow the steps under Creating a Bundle and ensure the Show Bundled Items on Quote is unchecked.

  2. After adding the Bundle to your Quote, selecting the three vertical dots to the right of the Bundle will let you set the Bundle as Optional. You can also choose to make the Bundle selected by default.

    Please note: If Default Selected is unchecked, the customer will have to click the checkbox to ensure the Bundle and all included Items are added to the Quote.

Creating Bundles on Quotes

You can now directly create an ad-hoc Bundle when making your Quote! This will let you add Items from your integrations and the Product Cloud as part of a Bundle.

  1. When creating or editing a Quote, click New Bundle to begin adding Items. You can add Line Items or select Items from your integrations and Product Cloud.

  2. By default, only the name of the Bundle and its description will show to the customer. To show the Bundled Items individually on the Quote, click the three dots to the right of the price and select Show Bundled Items:

  3. You can toggle the Recurring Status of the Bundle by clicking the looped arrow icon to the right of the price. This will make all the Bundled items recurring at the frequency set by the Template (i.e., Monthly, Annually, etc).

    Note: Recurring Status can be changed only if Show Bundled Items is unchecked.


  • Items within Bundles will be pushed to your integrations as normal Line Items, even if they are set as hidden on the Quote

  • Adding an Item with a Parent/Child relationship will add the Parent and any Child Items to the Bundle (provided the Recurring Frequencies match the Bundle setting)

  • Bundles created during Quote Create/Edit are only for that specific Quote and will not be added to the Bundles tab under Items > Bundles.

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