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This feature will give you the ability to add Line Items to your Quotes that are optional for your customer. They can choose which option(s) they want and electronically accept the Quote with these selected options.

Getting Started with Optionals

While making the Quote, you will now be able to mark a Line Item as ‘Optional’:

Line Items marked as ‘Optional’ will be highlighted in blue on your Quote to ensure it is easy for your customers to differentiate them from the other Line Items:

If it’s an Optional that you recommend they include, you can use ‘Default Selected’, which means that your customer has to uncheck the Optional if they want to exclude it from the Quote.

You can also mark a Line Item with 'Editable Quantity', which will allow your customer to choose their desired Item quantity.

Important Note: If you are using Tiered or Stepped pricing for your Item, the per-unit price will not change if the quantity is adjusted by the customer.

The Optionals feature is available on Quote Create only. The Optionals feature supports Bundles and Bundled Line Items, but is not supported by our Single Select feature at this time.

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