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Create a Template
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Create a Template

To create a Template, navigate to Templates > Templates.

In the Default Line Items tab, enter a Template Name (Note: this name will prepopulate your Quote name). Add any Line Items and/or Sections to be prepopulated in the Quote(s) created using this Template and/or any Single Select Section Group(s), provided you have access to the Single Select feature.

To view which Items can be added here, view PSA and Product Cloud Items on Templates.

Set a Recurring Fee Billing Frequency and if applicable, any number of upfront payments and days of grace period under Recurring Fees.

Note: a Template can only utilize one recurring billing frequency. Any Items added to a Quote must respect the Template's recurring billing frequency.

Populate your Template with appropriate content using the Cover Page, Cover Letter, and Appended Content tabs.

Configure other Template settings in the Acceptance & Payments and Settings tabs.


  • A background image can be uploaded in place of text box content in the Cover Page tab.

  • All text boxes in the Templates tab support Mail Merge fields.

  • Quote content will be displayed in this order: Cover Page, Cover Letter, Line Items, Appended Content.

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