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PSA and Product Cloud Items on Templates
PSA and Product Cloud Items on Templates

Add Items from ConnectWise, Autotask, Syncro, or the Product Cloud to your Templates

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Product Cloud Items on Templates

Note: If you are having trouble Publishing a Draft Quote (a Quote derived from a Template with prepopulated PSA and/or Product Cloud Line Items on it) with the error message 'You must select at least one Line Item to proceed':

  1. Delete the contents of the 'Unit Price' field

  2. Re-enter the correct Unit Price in the same field

  3. Click on 'Publish Quote'

  4. Note: For Optional Items, follow Step 1. Then remove the focus off of the 'Unit Price' field and resume to Step 2.

It is now possible to prepopulate Distributor Items directly onto a Template using our Product Cloud feature. Every future Quote created from this Template will now prepopulate your chosen Items.

Our Product Cloud feature provides the ability to search supported Integrations and Distributors for products and services directly from the Integration/Distributor when creating a Quote, removing the need to manage your products in two places. For more information about the Product Cloud feature, see this Collection here.

Integrations and Distributors currently supported by the Product Cloud:

To create a new Template or edit an existing Template, navigate to Templates > Templates. Click on + New Template to create one, or click on the pencil icon on an existing Template to edit it.

To add your Items, under the Default Line Items tab, click on + Add Item. Alternatively, create a Section by clicking on + Add Section, then click on + Add Item.

The rest of the steps are the same as using our Product Cloud feature on Quote Create. In the Add Item window, click on the Product Cloud tab. Here, you can search for products and services from your Distributor Integration(s) via Name, SKU or MPN.

Note: If searching by Distributor, we present real-time pricing, product availability, and stock to help you make your choice. Use the 'Hide Products without Pricing' and/or

Hide Products without Availability' toggles to only show Items with pricing and availability, respectively.

Then, simply click on Add to Template.

Every future Quote created from this Template will now be prepopulated with your chosen Distributor Items.

Fix Deployed for Incorrect UOM Measures on ConnectWise Items Causing Discrepancies on Template Level (May 5, 2023): Previously, many of our Partners used the UOM 'Each' under Settings > Integrations > Recurring Item Frequency Mapping in cases where a matching frequency was not set up in ConnectWise (e.g. setting a Recurring Frequency to 'Each' when an 'Annual' UOM was not set up in ConnectWise).

With a new update that allows Partners to add these Items on the Template level, we will set these Items as 'Annual' Recurring, which will not allow a Quote to be created from the Template and display the error message seen here ('We cannot load this form because the Template and Line Items have different recurring frequencies, which we no longer support'):

Even if 'Each' is set for the Non-Recurring UOM mapping, we will set the Item as 'Annual' Recurring when added to the Template. If this occurs, please update the Recurring Item Frequency Mapping settings.
​Important Note for Partners using ConnectWise Manage: You can now set custom mappings for the Units of Measure (UOM) from your ConnectWise instance in the integration settings. This will let you choose which recurring frequency is set for each UOM as shown here:

Please note: If you add a UOM in ConnectWise after your mappings have been selected, it will not be mappable and will use the Non-Recurring frequency as the default.

PSA Items on Templates

How It Works

When adding Items to a Template, we now include the option to select from Items from either ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, or Syncro.

When editing or viewing a Template, we include the logo of the PSA to help convey which Items have been added from a PSA.

During Quote creation, if the Template you chose includes Items from either ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, or Syncro, we show the logo of the PSA on the Line Item and provide a tooltip informing you of how recently the data was pulled from the PSA. If there is an error pulling real time data on the Item from your PSA, we'll add an alert icon next to the PSA logo. If we receive an error accessing the PSA, or if the Item has been deleted from your PSA, we fall back to the most recent data we have for the Item.

Success state:

Error state:

At this time, when you revise an existing Quote, we don't check the PSA for updated information.

PSA Items in Bundles

Quoter supports adding PSA Items in Bundles. If a Bundle includes Items from either ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, or Syncro, Line Item details are pulled from the PSA in real time when a Quote is created that uses that Bundle. As expected, the Bundle can also be added to a Template.

How You Benefit

For those of you who treat your PSA as the source of truth for your products and services, this feature will significantly speed up your quote creation process. You'll be able to add or adjust Templates to include your regularly quoted PSA Items. You'll also be able to leverage our Bundles feature and include Items from ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, or Syncro directly in your Bundles. These features will help you get quotes created in record time!

Happy Quoting!

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