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Save Quote as Draft
Save Quote as Draft
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At any time when creating a Quote, provided a Person has been added under the Prepared For section, you can click on ‘Save Draft’ to save the Quote as a Draft to come back to at a later time. 

The Quote Template Content, Line Items, and Acceptance and Payments settings (requires the necessary User Type permissions) will be saved as a snapshot. This means if there are any changes to the Quote Template Content, Line Items or Acceptance and Payments in between the Quote being saved as a draft and editing the draft, it will use the data from the snapshot. For example, if a Line Item was $500 when the Quote was saved as a draft but has since been changed to $1000, the Line Item when the draft quote is resumed will be $500. If you want to use the latest Item information, the Line Item can be removed, and the updated Item added.

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