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PSA and Product Cloud Items on Quotes
PSA and Product Cloud Items on Quotes
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Our Product Cloud feature provides the ability to search supported Integrations and Distributors for products and services directly from the Integration/Distributor when creating a Quote, removing the need to manage your products in two places.

The Product Cloud feature is available on both the Quote and Template level. To learn how to prepopulate Distributor Items directly onto a Template, view this article.

What’s currently supported?

Integrations and Distributors currently supported:

How does it work on Quote Create?

When creating a Quote, simply click on Select Item, where you’ll see a tab that will allow you to search products and services from your Integration via Name, SKU or MPN. The Product Cloud tab will allow you to search Distributor products via Keyword or Manufacturer Part #. If searching by Distributor, we present real-time pricing, product availability, and stock to help you make your choice:

Clicking Add to Quote will allow you (barring User Permissions) to edit the Item Price, Cost, and Details. If you haven't set a default markup for Product Cloud items (see here), the MSRP (if available) will be used to calculate the price.

When available, we will also show the Weight of the item, which can be populated in the Weight field of the Line Item if desired:

This is useful for calculating automated Shipping. Read more about setting up Shipping Zones here.

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