Resellers or Multi-Tenant Support allow your third-party agents or resellers to use Quoter to create Quotes with their own branding. Resellers can be given limited access so they can only see Quotes from their own contacts


  • Resellers or Multi-Tenant Support is available on our Enterprise plan

Setup Instructions
Create a Reseller (provided you have appropriate permission level) by navigating to Account > Resellers > +New Reseller or click on Create your first Reseller as seen in the screenshot below:

You'll then be presented with the following screen to add the Reseller Name, Address, and Contact Information. If desired, your Reseller can also be notified of publicly generated Quotes, Inquiries, and Ordered/Accepted Quotes by adding the appropriate email addresses into the respective fields.

When adding Resellers, you can choose to associate both Item Groups and Template Groups (more information) to each of your respective Resellers to define which Items and Quote Templates they'll have access to as shown below:

The next step will be to add a User (Reseller Users are limited to either a Sales Person, Sales Manager or Reseller Admin) to the Account by selecting the "Add a new user" as seen in the below screenshots:

Please Note:
The Resellers/Multi-Tenant Support is only available on our Enterprise plan. Should you require this feature, please contact to talk about upgrading your account.

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