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Draft Quotes
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Our Draft Quotes feature gives you the ability to save a Quote during the Quote Create process to come back to them at a later time.

What’s new:

  • Quote Create now offers a ‘Save Draft’ button to save the Quote as a Draft

  • Only a Person is required to Preview Quote or Save Draft

  • Clicking Save Draft will redirect to Quotes > Draft Quotes to keep you on the current Draft.

  • A Draft Quotes section has been added under the Quotes tab to access the saved Drafts

  • Acceptance and Payments settings can now be modified on a Quote-by-Quote basis (barring User Type permissions)

  • New sticky footer to easily Preview, Save or Publish your Quote without having to scroll

What’s changed:

  • Email Quote to Customer has been replaced by an option to Open Email Dialog immediately after the Quote is published.

  • Create Quote button has been updated to Publish Quote

  • Child Items are now added to the Quote just like Parent Items, with full flexibility to set quantity, edit, etc.


  • Learn how to save the Quote as a Draft here

  • Learn how to manage Draft Quotes here

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