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New Quote Display
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Written by Matt Stansfield
Updated over a week ago

We’ve also made exciting Quote display changes that will make it easier for you and your customers to understand your Quotes!

Previously, Quoter relied heavily on the “Upfront” concept, as shown here:

We felt this caused undue confusion, and believe that customers simply want to understand which fees are recurring and which aren’t. As such, we have replaced the Upfront Fees table with a One-Time Fees (e.g. not recurring) table. Now we no longer need to show recurring Line Items twice (when the Template has 1 or more upfront payments), which paves the way for our next new, exciting feature: Optionals!

Of course, it’s still important for your customer to know what’s due on acceptance, so we’ve introduced a new Upfront Totals section that appears near the bottom of the Quote.

Please note that when regenerating PDFs, or viewing the Webview, of past Quotes, they will have these display improvements as well!

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