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General Settings
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Provided your User Type allows access to the Settings tab, navigating to Settings > General will allow you to modify the following:

Email Notification Settings

Enter any Order Notification Recipient(s) and Procurement Recipient(s).

For more information on these two fields, view the articles Procurement Pick List and Quote Statuses.

Default Email Signature

Set a default email signature globally for the whole account.

Note: Email signatures can also be set per User, which will override any Default Email Signature set. For more information, view the article User Signatures.

Learn more about using our Mail Merge fields in text boxes here.

Quote Settings, Date & Time and Default PDF Settings

Configure your settings for the following sections: Quote Settings, Accept Quote Button, Date & Time, Default PDF Settings, User Settings, and Product Cloud.

Note: Our Product Cloud feature provides the ability to search supported Integrations and Distributors for products and services directly from the Integration/Distributor when creating a Quote, removing the need to manage your products in two places. General settings for Product Cloud can be configured here.

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