With the recent release of our Procurement Pick List feature, you can now more easily automate and streamline parts of your procurement process.

What's changed?

We've added a new email, intended for your Procurement team, that is triggered when a Quote is won. The email has the same content as the Order Notification email but also includes an informative and easy-to-read table that shows the Line Items from the Quote. The new table:

  • is ordered by Distributor so you can easily see all of the items you need to purchase from each of your integrated Distributors

  • includes the Distributor name, Item name, Manufacturer Part Number, Supplier SKU, quantity, and quoted cost of each item.

    Note: If the Line Item was not added from one of your integrated distributors, the Distributor Name column will be blank.

How it looks in the email:

How this feature can help your procurement process:

  1. Add one or more email addresses to Procurement Recipients (Settings > General), so they receive the new email.

  2. Add a Custom Field to capture PO Number from your end-customer (Items > Custom Fields):

    You can then configure it to show on some or all of your Quote Templates during Quote Acceptance:

  3. Upon receiving a Procurement Notification email, your procurement person or team can easily see the PO Number and all of the included Line Items grouped by distributor with the item name and unique manufacturer part number. We hope this makes creating POs in any financial system much easier!

Happy Quoting!

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