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Quoter + Zapier + Google Sheets
Quoter + Zapier + Google Sheets
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Do you use Google Sheets? We've created the below Templates to help leverage the power of Zapier to build automated workflows to streamline your sales operations.


  • You must have a Zapier account subscribed to the Starter Plan or above

    Visit their pricing page to sign up if you don't already have an account.

  • You must set up your Google Worksheet to configure the required field mapping
    Click on the Download CSV Template button below the desired Template to configure your Google Sheet accordingly.

Zap Templates:

Setting up Zap Templates:

Clicking on any of the Zap Template links above will open the shared Zap page. For example, clicking on Quote Created in Quoter creates new row(s) in Google Sheets will open that shared Zap page:

If you already have a Zapier account, you'll be able to click Try this Zap as per the screenshot below:

Before continuing, you'll want to ensure that you've also downloaded the CSV Template as this will be required to set up the field mapping associated with the Zap. Using the Quote Created in Quoter creates new row(s) in Google Sheets as our example, we would have clicked Download CSV Template below the linked Template as per the screenshot below:

This will allow the CSV Template to be downloaded with the configured header row required for the aforementioned field mapping:

After opening the above CSV in Google Sheets, we can navigate back to Zapier to complete setting up the Zap Template:

Clicking on the Trigger will allow us to set up the Trigger portion of the Zap which will set up the push of data between Quoter and Zapier:

The webhook URL will need to be copied and pasted into the URL field under Zapier Webhook Integration Settings when adding the Zapier Integration to Quoter (found under Settings > Integrations > Zapier:

Once Save Integration has been clicked in Quoter, you'll need to click Test Trigger in Zapier which will require a Quote to be created in Quoter:

Upon successfully testing the Trigger, we can click Continue to move onto the Action portion of the Zap:

Under Set up action we can now configure the field mapping by mapping the Quote data from the previous step to the respective fields under Rows:

Once all of the applicable rows have been mapped, you'll need to test this step by clicking on Test and Review or Test and Continue:

A successful test will allow you to confirm that the data has been pushed to Google Sheets as per the configured field mappings:

Complete the Zap Template setup process by clicking Publish Zap. In this example, all Quotes created in Quoter will create row(s) in Google Sheets.

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