This article will guide you through how to integrate your Zapier account with your Quoter account.

Setup Instructions

As Quoter offers Webhook support to Zapier, the setup instructions below will walk you through how to set up the Trigger portion of the Zap in Zapier which is the event that starts a Zap.

Please Note: The Webhook by Zapier is a premium app that requires a paid Zapier account.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Integrations and scroll down the page to click on Zapier under Webhook:

Step 2: Name the Integration in the Label field and select the appropriate radio buttons under the Applies To section. The URL will be generated by Zapier when creating the Webhook outlined in the next steps:

Step 3: Click "Make a Zap!" from your Dashboard. When choosing a Trigger App, either search for Webhooks by Zapier (Premium) :

or choose Webhooks by Zapier (Premium) from the "Built-In Apps" section:

Step 4: Select "Catch Hook" under the "Choose Trigger Event" dropdown and click "Continue"

Step 5: Copy the Custom Webhook URL displayed under 'Customize Hook' to enter into the URL Field in Quoter as per the screenshot below:

Step 6: Now that the custom Webhook URL has been entered into Quoter, click Save Integration. Once saved you'll need to test the Webhook by generating a Quote within Quoter to ensure the requests are being sent. After the Quote has been generated, go to Settings > Integrations > Integration Requests Status to ensure the request has successfully pushed through to Zapier:

Step 7: Navigating back to Zapier, click on "Test & Continue" to complete the test and establish the "Trigger" portion of your Zap:

Step 8: If Successful, you'll be presented with the following screen to choose the "Action" App & Event to create the connection to your desired third-party app:

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