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Line Item Import
Line Item Import
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Sometimes a non-standard situation arises in which you need to add many Line Items to a Quote, and you don't want to leverage a Quote Template. Maybe you're a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and you need to import one or more vendor quotes onto your Quoter Quote, or maybe you maintain some products or services outside of Quoter and you need to make some quick updates and then import them onto your Quote. Whatever your situation, the Quoter Line Item Import can help.

How it works

Line Item Import lets you add products or services directly onto a Quote by uploading a CSV file.

  1. During Quote creation, click on the Import Line Items icon.

2. Drop or select from your computer/device the CSV you want to import from.

3. Map the column names from the CSV file's header row to Quoter's Line Item fields.

4. Click on Create Line Items.

5. Update any information you didn't import.

Important notes

  • For newly created Line Items, the Taxable flag is turned on by default. You can modify this for imported Line Items by mapping to the Taxable field. "True" and "yes" will cause the Line Item to have the Taxable flag turned on. "False" and "no" will cause the Line Item to have the Taxable flag turned off.

  • Mapping to Categories and Subcategories requires a perfect name match (not case-sensitive) and we will pick the first perfect match whether it's a Category or a Subcategory. If a perfect match does not exist, a new Category will be created. There is no way to create a new Category and Subcategory. (To avoid duplicate Categories from being created, please keep Categories to 50 characters or less.)

  • Mapping to Suppliers and Manufacturers will happen if there is an exact name match (not case-sensitive). If there is not a perfect match a new Manufacturer or Suppliers will be created.

  • When mapping to Unit Cost, Markup, Unit Price, or the Discount fields, we automatically remove any symbols other than period so don't worry if your CSV has dollar symbols, Euro symbols, commas, etc. the data will still import successfully!

  • Only map one CSV column to a Line Item field. The interface allows multiple CSV columns to map to the same Line Item field but this will result in data not being populated into that Line Item field.

Two Line Item Import options


Included in

Basic Import

  • Import up to 20 Line Items at a time.

  • Import into a Quote's Line Items area or into a Quote Section.

  • Unrestricted number of imports for any given Quote.

All plans

Premium Import

Includes all basic features, plus:

  • Import up to 100 Line Items at a time.

  • Save reusable mapping templates to import Line Items in a few clicks.

Pro and Enterprise, also available as a stand-alone add-on.

For more information, view our available plans.

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