If experiencing the General Import Error - incorrect number of pricing columns. Please contact support for assistance. when attempting to import your CSV file in Quoter, the error is being caused due to having an incorrect number of columns in the selected CSV file:

This can be resolved by looking at the CSV file to identify the column(s) that do not match the expected file format:

The column(s) will need to be removed and then a new CSV file exported. Navigating back to Quoter will now allow you to choose the updated CSV file before running the Importer again:

The Importer should run successfully using the updated CSV file provided there aren't other issues (i.e. pricing columns not formatted as numbers, CSV template out-of-date, etc):

Please Note:
If you're using an old CSV template, navigating to Items > Import Items will allow you to download a current CSV Template by clicking on Download CSV Template:

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