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Automated Quote Reminders
Automated Quote Reminders

Send automated notifications to your customers to improve Quote acceptance rates

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You can now schedule automated Quote reminders to be sent to your customers at three different intervals relative to the Quote Sent Date or the Expiry Date.

Please note:

  • Quote Reminders are only available for Standard Plans or above.
    Please contact Support here if you have questions about your plan.

  • The subject line of reminder emails is currently hard-coded.
    "Reminder:" precedes your configurable, standard email subject line (set in Settings > Labels & Messages > Emails).

How it works:

  1. You can set default Reminders from Settings > Quote Reminders

  2. When sending a Quote, you’ll now see the option to Send Automated Reminders and you can choose one or more of the three future dates and modify the intervals as needed.

  3. In the Tracking tab on the Email pop-up, you can see any reminder emails that are set to be sent in the future and remove them if needed by clicking the red X next to the date.

  4. In the New Email tab on the Email pop-up, you will see a notification if there are already reminder emails scheduled for this Quote.


  • Quote Reminders show as coming from the same email as selected when you send the original email with the link to the Quote.

  • Quote Reminders will be sent at the same relative time as the original email when the Days from sent option is selected (e.g. 9AM) and will be sent at midnight local time when the Days from expiry option is selected.

  • You can optionally send Reminders to CC and BCC individuals.

  • Reminder emails show “Reminder for Pending Quote {Quote number}” in the subject line. The body of the email uses your default, customized copy (found in Settings > Labels and Messages > Emails).

  • Reminders won’t be sent if the Quote Status changes to Accepted, Ordered, Fulfilled, or Lost, or if the Quote expiry date has passed.

Happy Quoting!

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