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Contracts: Automating Quote-to-Contract
Contracts: Automating Quote-to-Contract

Learn how to incorporate your Documents into an existing Quote Template

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Automatically send Contracts and other Documents

With our Contracts feature, you can associate one or more Document Templates to a Quote Template. This sets up an automation where a Document will automatically be created and sent when a Quote built from that Quote Template is accepted by your customer. This way, you can automate the Document signing process without needing to manually send another document after you've already sent out a Quote :)

Associating a Document Template to a Quote Template

  1. First, you'll need to create a Document Template in the the Contracts tab. Follow the instructions here to create a Document Template.
    Note: Only Document Templates can be assigned to a Quote Template. A one-off Document cannot be added to the Quote Template!

  2. Under Roles, you will need to add a Quote Recipient Role to your Document Template.

    Once a Document Template is assigned to a Quote Template, this field will automatically be populated with the name, email, and company of the person you have made the Quote for.
    Note: If you have other Roles on the Document Template that do not have Recipient details filled out, we will not have enough information to send the Document. In this case the Document will not be sent upon Quote Acceptance but it will still be created and will remain in draft status.

  3. Now, navigate to the Templates tab in Quoter and select Edit Template. Under the Automations tab, you will be able to select a Document Template to assign:

    Up to 10 Document Templates can be assigned to a single Quote Template. Once you've assigned the chosen Document Templates, click Save Template.

  4. You're done! The next time you send a Quote from this Template and it is Accepted by the customer, a Document will be generated from the Document Template(s) and automatically sent to that customer to be signed. It will then be visible under the Contracts Dashboard.

Additional Notes

  • Copying a Quote Template will not copy its associated Document Templates.

Happy Quoting!

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