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New Quotes List (Beta)
New Quotes List (Beta)
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Our New Quotes List was created to modernize the Quote management interface in Quoter and to provide additional functionality such as new filter options and saved views.

What the new list provides:

  1. All Quotes (including drafts) centralized in one list.

  2. New, colour-coded Stage filters help with Quote lifecycle management.
    (Learn more about the new Quote Stages)

  3. Filter by one or more Quote Owners

  4. Filtering by Custom Quote Number with fallback to Quote Number

  5. Filtered views can be saved for one-click access.

  6. Sort by Recurring and Upfront Margin

  7. Show / hide columns and save your desired view in a Saved View.

  8. Backwards compatibility with the original Quotes List.

  9. Modern UI with informative tooltips.

Noteworthy changes:

  • You can now choose which columns to display when viewing the Quotes List from the following options:

    When ready to save, click Done to enable your choices.

  • The multi-purpose checkbox is now a flag and is located in the Actions area.

Old design:

New design:

  • We've reordered the Actions icons based on usage. From left to right, the icons are for:

    • Editing the Quote

    • Sending the Quote email and tracking the customer's engagement with the Quote

    • Accessing the internal view of the Quote

    • Toggling the flag icon (replacing the checkmark toggle)

    • Internal notes

    • Action kebab menu (see below)

  • To change the status of a Quote, you now click on the Quote's kebab menu.
    Note: Status changes may also change the Quote Stage. Learn more about Quote Stages here.

  • You can now filter by one or more of the new Stages for greater granularity compared to searching by Quote Status.

  • The location filter is a contains search on city, region (state/province), and country. Note that it only looks at the billing address.

  • Filters can also be saved to create Saved Views that are one click away:

  • Saved Views can be deleted from the new Sort & Filter drawer.

  • Colour-coded progress bars in the list help identify which Stage your quotes are at in their lifecycle and what actions might be needed. More info on Quote Stages can be found here.


Stage Conditions

Stage Colour


Quote has been saved but not published.


Quote is published, not expired, and the email has not been sent.

Sent - Pending

Quote is published, not expired, and the email has been sent and email status is processed or deferred.

Sent - Delivered

Quote is published, not expired, and the email has been delivered but not opened.

Sent - Opened

Quote is published, not expired, and the email has been sent and opened.

Sent - Clicked

Quote is published, not expired, and the email has been sent and the Quote link clicked.

Won - Accepted

Quote status has changed to Accepted, or Quote has been signed by customer.

Won - Ordered

Quote status has been changed to Ordered, or Quote was signed and a payment taken.

Won - Fulfilled

Quote status was changed to Fulfilled.


Quote expiry date has passed.

Sent - Undeliverable

Quote was sent but email bounced, dropped, or was unsubscribed.


Quote status was changed to Lost.

  • Margin colour-coding helps highlight your most profitable and least profitable deals.

    • >10% = dark green

    • 0-10% = light green

    • -10-0% = light red

    • >-10% = dark red

Future work is already planned to enhance this quote management area further! Stay tuned.

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