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Quote Revisions v2
Quote Revisions v2

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Written by Ash Welsh
Updated over a week ago

I'm excited to let you know that we have heard your feedback and have significantly overhauled how Quoter handles Quote revisions.

Here's what has changed:

  1. The Quote Webview (what your customer sees), will now always show the current version of a Quote! You no longer have to worry that a customer might be accepting an out-of-date Quote version. If they click a link from an old email, it will still show them the current Quote.
    Please note: If the Quote was sent/saved as a PDF, they will be able to view the Quote as originally sent. However, clicking the Accept Quote button will bring them to the Checkout Page with the updated totals. If there are Optional Items on the PDF, clicking them will redirect them to the updated Webview.

  2. The Quote index now only shows a single row for a Quote that has undergone revisions :)

    There is a new "versions" icon next to the Quote number that represents a Quote with more than one version:

  3. Clicking the new versions icon will display all of the versions of that Quote:

    Important Note: Quotes that are in a status of Accepted, Ordered, or Fulfilled cannot be edited but they can be copied.

  4. To set the current active revision, simply click the Edit button next to the desired revision and publish the Quote. This will set this version as the active revision and update any existing Quote links.

It's as simple as that. Happy Quoting!

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