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Export Quotes
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Quotes can be exported from Quoter by using the Export to CSV found above the Quotes table on the Quotes tab:

There are two options when exporting Quotes from Quoter:

  • Quote Data - export will only include the Quote data

  • Quote and Item Data - export will include both Quote and Item Data

The appropriate selection will be made by clicking on the desired export:

The export will automatically start to run and a prompt will be displayed to confirm that the export will be available shortly and to stay on the page until it's completed:

Please Note:
The number of Quotes included in the export is limited to a maximum of 1000 Quotes. The export will not run should the number of Quotes attempting to be exported exceed 1000. 

Decrease the number of Quotes being exported by using Quoter's filtering options. For example, using date to filter Quotes created in a specific month:

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