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Copy Quote Feature
Copy Quote Feature
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As a pre-requisite, for a Quote to be copied, the Quote must have been created with our Draft Quotes feature enabled, and cannot be a revision (although this restriction will change in the coming months, as we roll out our new, unified Quote Create/Edit interface).

Copy Quote - Meets Pre-Requisite
Provided the Quote has met this pre-requisite, the Quote can be copied by clicking on the three dots under the Actions column to click Copy Quote as shown in the screenshot below:

Clicking Copy Quote will open the Quote Create screen with a reference to the Quote being copied as per the screenshot below:

You'll be required to enter the new contact information under the Prepared For section before you can either save this new Quote as a Draft or publish the Quote:

Copy Quote - Does Not Meet Pre-Requisite
Older quotes can’t be copied, nor can any revision. They must be a non-revision, created with our Draft Quotes feature enabled. These Quotes that cannot be copied will not allow you to click the Copy Quote button as per the screenshot shown below:

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