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Integrate with Dicker Data
Integrate with Dicker Data
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This article will walk through how to integrate your Dicker Data account with your Quoter account to search Dicker Data for products when creating a Quote, removing the need to manage your products in two places.


  • Requires access credentials to Dicker Data's API. If you already have access to Dicker Data's API, you can find the API Access Token in Dicker Data by navigating to Account > Integration > API Tokens. If you do not already have access, you'll need to contact Dicker Data Integration Support to request access. Here is an example email template:


    We would like to set our account up with access to Dicker Data's API. Please provide the API access token at your convenience.

    Our information is as follows:
    Company Name: *[Your Company Name]*
    Account Code: *[Your Dicker Data Account Code]*


    Dicker Data Integration Support

  • If you already have access to Dicker Data's API and you're receiving an Invalid Credentials error when attempting to integrate with Dicker Data, please contact us to allow our Partner Success team to help troubleshoot further.

Setup Instructions:

To get this going, navigate to Settings > Integrations > + New Integration where you'll be directed to the Select Integration page (if you do not already have an integration connected, you will not see the + New Integration button and will instead be shown the Select Integration page when navigating to Settings > Integrations).

1. Select Dicker Data under Distributors as per the screenshot below:

2. Selecting Dicker Data will direct you to the Add Dicker Data Integration page where you'll need to enter your credentials:

3. Once you're connected to Dicker Data, when clicking + Add Item on Quote Create, you'll see the Product Cloud Beta tab that will allow you to search distributor products via Keyword or Manufacturer Part #.

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