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ConnectBooster/BNG Payments Field Mapping
ConnectBooster/BNG Payments Field Mapping
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This article defines how the data will be pushed from Quoter to ConnectBooster. Learn more about integrating with ConnectBooster in this article.

ConnectBooster allows you to accept payment by ACH, e-Check, and credit card. Your customers can electronically accept, sign, and pay for quotes, either as a deposit amount or full payment.

Payment information is conveniently saved to ConnectBooster for future use, so your customers can easily select an existing payment method when making a payment. All of this happens automagically, with no manual work required by you.

Module Mapping


The integration will look through supported PSA (ConnectWise, Datto Autotask PSA, and Kaseya BMS) and Accounting (QuickBooks Online and Xero) integrations through ConnectBooster to get stored customer vaults.

The lookup is done using organization name (Please ensure the Person's Organization has been set as a required field in Settings > Required Fields). 

If no company is found when searching the associated Integrations, BNG Payments gateway will be searched directly.


When a Payment is accepted for a Quote via Quoter, a Transaction will be automatically be created in BNG Payments gateway. 

Order Information

Under Order Information, we push Quote Name under Description field and Quote Number (with revision) under Order ID.

Merchant Defined Fields

When sending payments to BNG, we also send the following Merchant Defined Fields:

* Only pushed when integrated with PSA or Accounting softwares (through ConnectBooster)

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