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QuickBooks Online Field Mappings
QuickBooks Online Field Mappings
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This article defines how data will be pushed from Quoter to QuickBooks Online. Learn more about integrating with QuickBooks Online in this article.

Module Mapping


When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing QuickBooks Online contact using our Person Search feature or create a new one automatically.

The following QuickBooks Online Customer fields are searched when using Person Search:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Organization

When creating or editing a new Person in Quoter, the information will be pushed to a QuickBooks Online Customer. Quoter will try to match Quoter People with a QuickBooks Customer by Organization (matched by Display Name) or Person name, and will create a new Customer if no matches are found.

  • Please note: QuickBooks Online requires a unique name for Customers (Organization or Person name). Please make sure that you do not have multiple people in Quoter using the same names, otherwise the Estimates and Invoices will be assigned to the same Customer.

*The Customer in QuickBooks Online will be displayed using the Company Name (i.e. Quoter Organization). If you'd like to change how this is displayed, edit the Customer Information and choose your preferred display name from the Display name as dropdown. Contact QuickBooks Online for additional assistance.
** If Shipping Address on Quote is selected when creating the Quote in Quoter, the Quoter Quote Shipping Address will sync to the QuickBooks Online Estimate/Invoice Shipping To address field. 


When a Quoter Quote is created, you can pull existing QuickBooks Online Products into Quoter Quotes in real-time using our Product Search feature.

When a Quoter Quote is created, a QuickBooks Estimate (known as a QuickBooks Quote in some online editions) will be created automatically along with its Items.

*Requires Use the Quoter Quote # as the QuickBooks Estimate and Invoice Numbers (E.G. QUOTE-####) option to have been selected when completing the QuickBooks Online Integration Settings. Navigate to Settings > Integrations to edit the QuickBooks Online integration should you wish to have the Quoter Quote # used as the Estimate and Invoice number.

Please note: If the Estimate cannot be found in QuickBooks Online (found in QBO under Sales > All Sales) navigate to Settings > Integrations > Integration Requests Status to see whether or not the data was successfully pushed to QuickBooks Online.

*Quoter Line Items will be matched by Item Name in QuickBooks Online

Note: Shipping will be pushed to the Shipping field in QuickBooks Online if it is enabled. You can do this in QBO under Account & Settings > Sales > Sales Form Content.


If the "Create QuickBooks Invoices" option is enabled, when a Quoter Quote status is changed to Accepted, Ordered, or Fulfilled, a QuickBooks Invoice will be created automatically.

If the "Create QuickBooks Invoices" option is enabled, when a Payment is accepted for a Quote via Quoter, a Transaction will be automatically applied to the corresponding Invoice in QuickBooks.

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