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Integrate with QuickBooks Online
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Use this article as a guide when integrating your account with QuickBooks Online.

At any time, you can come back to the Integrations page (Settings > Integrations) to make changes to the integration.

The field mappings are set up automatically when you follow the instructions below. For more information, take a look at this article.


  • The integration supports all QuickBooks Online editions. This integration Does Not support QuickBooks Desktop or Hosted editions.

Integration Overview

  • When a Quoter Quote is created, a QuickBooks Estimate will be created automatically along with its Items. The integration will try to match Quoter People with a QuickBooks Customer by Organization or Person name, and will create a new Customer if no matches are found. A currency abbreviation will be added as a name suffix for customers not using the default currency.

  • When a Quoter Quote is revised, the QuickBooks Estimate will be updated.

  • When a Quoter Quote is created, you can search for an existing QuickBooks Online contact using our Person Search feature or create a new one automatically.

  • When a Quoter Quote is created, you can also pull existing QuickBooks Online Products into Quoter Quotes in real-time using our Product Search feature.

  • If the "Create QuickBooks Invoices" option is enabled, when a Quoter Quote status is changed to Accepted, Ordered, or Fulfilled, a QuickBooks Invoice will be created automatically.

  • If the "Create QuickBooks Invoices" option is enabled, when a Payment is accepted for a Quote via Quoter, a Transaction will be automatically applied to the corresponding Invoice in QuickBooks.

Integration Limitations

  • Tax Settings will vary by Country and dictate the available selections when selecting from the QuickBooks Online Tax Code dropdown. Should the Taxes in Quoter not match the taxes in QuickBooks, you’ll need to create the appropriate Tax Zone in Quoter to match the default Tax in QuickBooks to establish the proper mapping. It's important to note that the data will fail to post if the tax value doesn’t match the required Tax percentage exactly.

  • Line Item Discounts will not be shown on individual Items in QuickBooks, but will be totalled and shown separately in the Discount Percent/Value field(s).

Setup Instructions

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations to select QuickBooks under Accounting:

2. Click on Connect to QuickBooks button to authorize Quoter to access your QuickBooks Online account:

3. This will open a new window that will allow you to sign in to your QuickBooks Online account by entering in your email address and password:

4. Select the Company you’d like Quoter to connect to, and authorize the sharing of data by clicking the Authorize button:

5. Upon successfully authorizing your QuickBooks Online account to connect to Quoter, you’ll be redirected to Quoter to complete the QuickBooks Online Integration Settings before clicking Save Integration to finish the setup process:

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