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Person Merge Feature
Person Merge Feature
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In order to prevent duplicate People records, Quoter has a Person merge feature. When a new Quote is generated, it searches all People records based on email address, and then updates the existing Person if found. 

The drawback was that this process also updated all previous Quotes, which is contrary to our belief that a Quote should be a snapshot of data at the time of generation. This was especially problematic if a customer with a single email address represented different branches of an organization, or different organizations altogether. 

We’ve now fixed this, so that each Quote retains a “version” of the Person in question:

In this example, two quotes have been created for Jim Smith, one where he represents Company ABC, and one where he represents Company XYZ. Before, Quote 189′s Person data would have been overwritten, showing the newest organization, Company XYZ. Both name links will go to the same Person record, showing the most recent data, which has Company XYZ, but Quote 189 will now retain a snapshot of data at the time of Quote generation (Company ABC).

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