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OnePage CRM Field Mappings
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This article defines how data will be pushed from Quoter to OnePage CRM. Learn more about integrating with OnePage CRM in this article.

Module Mapping


When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing Quoter contact or create a new one automatically that will be pushed to OnePage CRM as a Contact.

When creating or editing a new Person in Quoter, the information will be pushed to a OnePage CRM Contact and Organization. Quoter will try to match Contacts by email address and Organization by name. If nothing is found in OnePage CRM, a new entry will be created, otherwise Quoter will use the first result found.


When a Quote is created, a OnePage CRM Deal will be added to the Deal List with the value of the Quote.

When a Quote is updated, a new OnePage CRM Deal will be added and updated with the value of the Quote.

When a Quoter Quote is won or lost, Quoter will update the status of the OnePage CRM Deal.

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