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Quoter supports up to 5 currencies on a single account.

Modify the Default Currency by going to Settings > Currencies where you'll click on the pencil in the Actions column to edit the currency as shown in the screenshot below:

From there, simply select the appropriate currency from the dropdown menu:

If you've set up a Payment Gateway, you can apply the associated gateway with your Currency shown in the screenshot above so payments can be funnelled into the appropriate merchant accounts based on the currency of the quotes being purchased.

Repeat the steps above should you require multi-currency support by clicking on the + New Currency shown in the screenshot below to set up the required currency and/or currencies: 

When adding any additional currencies, specify which Countries will be associated with the respective currency as per the screenshot below:

The Default Currency will be used for any Countries not associated with an additional Currency.

Quoter Tip
Ensure your gateway provider supports the designated currency as not all currencies are supported by all payment gateways.

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