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Reseller Groups
Reseller Groups
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We’ve introduced Item Groups and Template Groups. The idea is that you create a Group, assign elements to it (Items or Templates depending on what you’re working with), and then give certain Resellers access to the Group. This way, should you have a few new Items you need to assign to many Resellers, you don’t have to set their access one by one.

There are a few ways you can set access and create groups. The first is when creating or editing an Item or Template, under the Settings tab:

Item Settings

Template Settings

Any existing Groups will be shown, and there is a simple interface to add new Groups on the fly.

When creating or editing a Reseller, you have a similar interface for managing Group access:

In this case, you can assign access for this Reseller to Item and Template Groups. If you have a simple Reseller setup, you can give access to All Items or All Templates, in which case the Reseller would have access to everything existing, plus anything created in the future. By picking the Selected Groups option, you can see and select any existing Groups, or create new ones.

The final interface, and likely the most useful, is the Group management sections. From here, you can create new Groups, assign them to Resellers, and associate relevant elements for access. To access these sections, there are new sub navigation elements under the Items tab and Templates tab.

Item Groups

Template Groups

When creating a Group, you can give Resellers access to the Group (any Resellers that have access to all elements which be checked and greyed out), and then assign accessible elements to the Group. Because your account can have a lot of Items, we have search capabilities available to make them easier to find. Simply check off each element you would like associated with the Group, and once saved, Resellers will be limited to accessible elements.

It’s important to note that the accessibility for a Reseller depends on both Item and Quote Template access. For example, a Reseller may have access to a Template that contains Items they do not have access to. In this case, the Reseller will only see Items they have access to, rather than all Items associated with the Template. It is advisable to ensure that if a Reseller has access to a Template, they have access to all Items associated with that Template.

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