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Plans with support for multiple Users allow you to provide your employees with their own logins for Quoter. You can limit the access of these Users and assign leads to them as you please.

To create a User, simply navigate to Account > Users > + New User:

User Types

Review the 6 different User Types as per the below screenshot.

Account Owner
Account Owners can do anything they wish. Use sparingly.

Account Admin
Account Admins can access everything except for the Account section.

Product Manager
Product Managers can view and edit anything except the Account and Settings sections.

Reseller Admin
Reseller Admins have all permissions of Sales Managers and can view and edit Reseller Settings sections.

Sales Manager
Sales Managers can view anything except the Account and Settings sections. They can also view and assign all Quotes, Inquiries, and People, unless the Sales Manager is assigned to a Reseller, in which case they will be able to view all Quotes, Inquiries, and People assigned to other users of that Reseller.

Salespeople can only view and edit Quotes, Inquiries, and people that are assigned to them

Edit a User

To edit your own User, click on your Username in the top navigation bar as per the screenshot below:

The Edit User dialog will allow you to upload a profile photo, make changes to your first name, last name, and email address, and add an Email Signature:

Alternatively, if you're an Account Owner (or have the necessary permissions) needing to add a new User or edit an existing User, navigating to Account > Users will allow you to click on the pencil icon under the Actions column to edit the User:

When on the Edit User dialog, you can do everything listed above, but you will also be able to edit the User's User Type and control whether or not they can see margins (provided it's included in your plan).

If you've reached the maximum number of Users included in your plan, please contact to discuss custom plans.

View details on User Permissions here.

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