This article will walk through how to integrate your Synnex account with your Quoter account to search Synnex for products when creating a Quote, removing the need to manage your products in two places.


  • Requires access credentials to Synnex Real-Time Price & Availability XML Service. Note that the credentials used for ECExpress are the same credentials for the XML Program. To request access, you’ll need to contact the Country-specific Synnex support team below:

    Here is an example email template:

    Subject: XML Price & Availability Credentials Request


    We would like to set our account up with access to Synnex Real-Time Price & Availability XML Services. Please provide XML credentials at your convenience.

    Our information is as follows:

    Company name: *[Your Company Name]*
    Synnex Customer Number: *[Your Synnex Customer Number]*


    Synnex US
    Phone: 888-688-7558

    Synnex Canada
    Phone: 416-240-2900
  • If your Synnex XML services have been registered and you're receiving an Invalid Credentials error when attempting to integrate with Synnex, please contact us to allow our Partner Success team to troubleshoot further.
  • Please also verify with Synnex that the login has been approved.

Setup Instructions:

To get this going, navigate to Settings > Integrations > + New Integration where you'll be directed to the Select Integration page (if you do not already have an integration connected, you will not see the + New Integration button and will instead be shown the Select Integration page when navigating to Settings > Integrations).

1. Select Synnex under Distributors as per the screenshot below:

2. Selecting Synnex will direct you to the Add Synnex Integration page where you'll need to enter your credentials for the real-time Synnex XML services account:

3. Once you're connected to Synnex, when clicking + Add Item on Quote Create, you'll see the Distributors tab that will allow you to search for products and services by Manufacturer Part #:

Once you've searched the desired Manufacturer Part #, you'll be presented with real-time pricing, product availability, and stock:

Clicking on Add To Quote will allow you to edit the Item Price, Cost, and details before adding the item to the quote:

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