This article will walk through how to integrate your D&H account with your Quoter account to search D&H for products when creating a Quote, removing the need to manage your products in two places.


  • Requires access credentials to D&H's to XML Pricing & Availability. Note that these are not the same credentials that you log into D&H with. To request access, you’ll need to contact the Country-specific D&H support team below.

    Here is an example email template:


    We would like to set our account up with access to the XML Pricing & Availability service. Please provide the XML credentials at your convenience.

    Our information is as follows:

    Company Name: *[Your Company Name]*
    User ID: *[Your D&H User ID]*


    D&H US

    Electronic Commerce User Agreement for
    Phone: 1-800-877-1200

    D&H Canada

    Electronic Commerce User Agreement for
    Phone: 905-796-0030

  • If you already have access to the XML Pricing & Availability Requests and you're receiving an Invalid Credentials error when attempting to integrate with D&H, please contact us to allow our Partner Success team to troubleshoot further.

Setup Instructions:

To get this going, navigate to Settings > Integrations > + New Integration where you'll be directed to the Select Integration page (if you do not already have an integration connected, you will not see the + New Integration button and will instead be shown the Select Integration page when navigating to Settings > Integrations).

1. Select D&H under Distributors as per the screenshot below:

2. Selecting D&H will direct you to the Add D&H Integration page where you'll need to enter your credentials:

3. Once you're connected to D&H, when clicking + Add Item on Quote Create, you'll see the Product Cloud Beta tab that will allow you to search distributor products via Keyword or Manufacturer Part #.

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