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Quoter lets you integrate with multiple web apps simultaneously, by allowing you to add Integrations. For example, you can have one Integration for Highrise CRM, and another for MailChimp. Each time a Quote is created in Quoter, the data will get automatically pushed to each Integration.

To set up your required Integration(s), simply go to Settings > Integrations and click on the third-party Integration you'd like to add:

Once the appropriate Integration has been selected, you'll be directed to the Add Integration page which will complete the process of adding the Integration by providing the API Credentials and selecting the appropriate Integration Settings:

Please Note:
All of our Integrations are built as a one-way push between Quoter and the Integration(s) you've chosen, there are NO pulling capabilities from the respective Integration(s) with the exception of pulling in Contacts via our Person Search feature and pulling in Products via our Product Search feature when on the Quote Create page.
To find out how to integrate with each of our Integrations or better understand the associated field mappings, please visit this page.
If you receive a Quoter Connector Error email, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Integration Requests Status to view the error message. See this KB article for more information. If you're unable to determine what's causing the Connector Error, please contact to allow our Partner Success team to troubleshoot further.

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