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Item Relationships
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Quoter allows you to create Item Relationships by associating Child Items with Parent Items. These Item Relationships work very well for including mandatory products or services that are closely related to a parent product or service. An example might be mandatory support or setup charges.

1. Create a Child Item

To create Item Relationships, you must first create a Child Item. In the top menu, navigate to Quotes > Items and then click + New Item:

Select Child from the dropdown menu under Item Level:

With the Item Level set to Child continue creating the Child Item by filling in your Item details, including product and pricing information before clicking Save Item.

2. Associate your Child Item with one or more Parent Items

Click on Parent Items to create a relationship between the newly created Child Item and an existing Parent Item (if one doesn't exist, click + New Item to create the Parent Item):

Click + Add Item to associate the Child Item that you've created with one or more Parent Items

You'll be presented with all of the Parent Items in the Account (e.g. all Items in the Account with the Item Level set to Parent). Simply click + Add Item for the Parent Item(s) you're wanting to associate with the Child Item.

Finish setting up this Item Relationship by clicking Save Item

3. Associate the Parent Item with a Template (optional)

Next, you can choose to associate your Parent Item with one or more Templates so that the Child Item(s) are automatically included with the Parent Items on Quotes created using that template.


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