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Integrate with Ingram Micro
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This article will walk through how to integrate your Ingram Micro account with your Quoter account to search Ingram Micro for products when creating a Quote, removing the need to manage your products in two places.


Although dates are not yet finalized, Ingram Micro will be decommissioning their XML API, and all partners will have to move to the new API by registering on the self-serve portal at

More information on getting started using Ingram Micro APIs can be found here: When registering, please ensure that the Product Catalog v5 and Product Catalog v6 APIs are enabled, as per the screenshot below:

It may take up to 4 business days for Ingram Micro to approve a Production App request. Please reach out to your Ingram Micro sales/account representative to expedite the process. Once approved by Ingram Micro, you'll need your Ingram Micro Customer number (e.g. XX-XXXXXX) and production Client ID and Client Secret to connect to Ingram Micro.

Note: As you go through this process, please ensure that you are using the Production credentials, and not the Sandbox credentials.

Setup Instructions:

To get this going, navigate to Settings > Integrations > + New Integration, where you'll be directed to the Select Integration page (if you do not already have an integration connected, you will not see the + New Integration button and will instead be shown the Select Integration page when navigating to Settings > Integrations).

1. Select Ingram Micro REST under Distributors (i.e. not Ingram Micro GENESIS or Ingram Micro MUSTANG).

2. This will direct you to the Add Ingram Micro REST Integration page where you'll need to select your Country and add your Customer number, Client ID, and Client Secret Key:

3. Click on Connect to Ingram Micro.

Please Note: for those Partners integrating with Ingram Micro REST, you may encounter the below validation error when clicking Connect to Ingram Micro if the production app request has not yet been approved:

As mentioned above, please reach out to your Ingram Micro sales/account representative to expedite the process. If requested, the technical details to be provided to Ingram Micro's eSolutions team:

{"fault":{"faultstring":"Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found","detail":{"errorcode":"keymanagement.service.InvalidAPICallAsNoApiProductMatchFound"}}}

Note for Australian Partners: If you are based in Australia and are having issues connecting to Ingram Micro REST, the instructions above may not apply. To use the Ingram Micro Genesis Integration instead of Ingram Micro REST, you can email to request access and credentials for the XML API.

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