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HubSpot CRM Field Mappings
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This article defines how data will be pushed from Quoter to HubSpot. Learn more about integrating with HubSpot in this article.

Module Mapping


When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing HubSpot contact using our Person Search feature or create new ones automatically.

The following HubSpot Contact or Company fields are searched when using Person Search:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Work Phone

  • Organization

When creating or editing a new Person in Quoter, the information will be pushed to a HubSpot Contact and Company. Quoter will try to match Contacts by email address and Companies by Domain. If nothing is found in HubSpot, a new entry will be created, otherwise Quoter will use the first result found.

* The Quoter Quote Address will be synced to the HubSpot Street Address, Country, State/Region, City, and Postal Codes associated with the HubSpot Contact. As HubSpot does not have Shipping Address fields for Quoter to sync to, if Shipping Address on Quote is selected on Quote Create, the Shipping Address will not be synced to HubSpot.

Please Note: Quoter cannot push data to custom Contact/Company Properties if these custom properties have been set up in HubSpot to create a Shipping Address, etc. 


When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing HubSpot Contact and Deal or create a new one automatically. 

When a Quote is created or updated in Quoter, the HubSpot Deal will be updated with the value of the Quote.

When a Quoter Quote is won or lost, Quoter will update the status of the HubSpot Deal according to the mapping settings you configure.

*The Quoter Quote Number is the default Deal name. If you wish, you can define the Deal Name Prefix for additional context when adding or editing the HubSpot Integration.

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