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Integrating with Kaseya BMS
Integrating with Kaseya BMS
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Use this article as a guide when integrating your account with Kaseya BMS.

At any time, you can come back to the Integrations page (Settings > Integrations) to make changes to the integration.

The field mappings are set up automatically when you follow the instructions below. For more information, take a look at this article.


  • Under Service Quotation Settings, the option to Sync Quoter Quoter to Kaseya Service Quotations requires the Default Warehouse to be selected in order to create Service Line Items. Should you wish to enable this setting and do not have a Default Warehouse in Kaseya BMS, you MUST create one. 

  • Kaseya BMS Service Items MUST be set up in Kaseya or Quoter with the Unit Price and Unit Cost. If Service Items do not have the Unit Price and Unit Cost, the Item will not be associated with the Service Quotation when pushed to Kaseya nor will pricing be retrieved when using our Product Cloud feature to search Kaseya for Service Items.

  • Please note: Multi-warehouse support is still limited in the current version of the API. Line Items will be pushed from a single warehouse if you need to convert the Service Quotation into a Sales Order. 

Integration Overview

  • When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing Kaseya BMS Contact and Opportunity or create a new one automatically. You can also pull existing Kaseya BMS Products into Quoter Quotes in real-time.

  • When a Quote is created or updated in Quoter, the Kaseya BMS Opportunity will be updated with the value of the Quote, and a Service Quotation will be created or updated with the line items in the Quoter Quote. Quoter automatically matches your existing Items, or creates new ones if they do not exist. A PDF of the Quoter Quote is also pushed to the Kaseya BMS Opportunity.

  • When a Quoter Quote is won or lost, Quoter will update the status of the Kaseya BMS Opportunity according to the mapping settings you configure.

  • Integration update since December 8, 2023:

    • Previously, the Kaseya BMS Opportunities that would be returned using Opportunity Selector were limited to a single Kaseya BMS Opportunity Status (whichever one was mapped to the "Pending" Quote status in the integration settings page).

    • Now, we ignore the mapping that is set in the integration settings page (which is intended for push, not pull) and we will return any Kaseya BMS Opportunities that have a Base Status of Open and an Active Status of Yes.

Integration Limitations

  • The Kaseya BMS API currently has limitations with the retrieval of BMS Product Item pricing, therefore pricing is currently not available when using our Product Cloud feature to search Kaseya BMS for Product Items

  • The Kaseya BMS API does not support quote-level discounts, only item-level discounts will be considered (as part of the unit price).

  • If Service Quotations have been enabled, taxes and quote-level discounts are not posted to Kaseya Service Quotations due to Kaseya API limitations

  • Expired quotes will not be pushed as Kaseya is unable to backdate Quotes.

Setup Instructions

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations to select Kaseya under Professional Services Auomation (PSA):

2. You'll be navigated to the Add Kaseya BMS Integration dialog that will allow you to select the appropriate Server and enter your credentials before clicking Connect to Kaseya BMS:

3. To complete the setup process, fill out the Integration Settings (Account Settings, Opportunity Settings, Quote Status Mapping, and Service Quotation Settings):

4. Note that you can also override the default Quoter Item Category to Kaseya Item Type mapping if needed, see below. Once you've completed the setup click Save Integration.

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