Use this feature if you’re experiencing problems with your data funneling into the appropriate channels. In order to use this feature, simply click on the highlighted button under the Actions column or click on the “Integration Requests Status” button as seen in the below screenshot

You'll then be presented with the following screen which displays the successful and unsuccessful attempts to push the data to the appropriate channels:

If there are unsuccessful attempts, you'll automatically receive an email notifying you that there has been an error pushing data to your Integration. When on the Integration Requests Status page, click on the chat bubble under the Actions column to view the error message to determine what's causing the integration to break:

If you're unable to determine what's causing the error, please submit a ticket and we'll be happy to assist you further.

Quoter Tip
The "Integration Label" will allow you to "View the Integration" and the "Record ID" will show the corresponding Quote, etc.

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