If a Quote or Quote Revision has been created for a Company in ConnectWise that has been deleted, you could experience this Error: Company "Sample Organization" has been deleted and can no longer be used. Please restore or permanently remove the company. error in Quoter when viewing the Integration Requests Status (Settings > Integrations > Integration Requests Status) page for your ConnectWise Integration as per the example below:

This error is caused because there are certain fields that can't be duplicated in ConnectWise. So if the Company is in the Recycle Bin, Quoter can't create a new version of it. This needs to be resolved by navigating in ConnectWise to System > Mass Maintenance > Company Recycle Bin:

Select the Company (i.e. Sample Organization) in Question and click on the icon for Permanently Delete:

Click Yes to confirm that you'd like to permanently delete the Company:

The success message will be displayed once the Company has permanently been deleted from ConnectWise where you can click Close Window:

Navigating back to Quoter and the Integration Requests Status will confirm that the failed push attempt has now successfully pushed from Quoter to ConnectWise:

Please note: if the next attempt has not yet been attempted, you can manually push the request to ConnectWise by clicking the icon that will be displayed under the Actions column or Quoter will automatically attempt to push the request as per the displayed time under the Date column:

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