If the Default Product Class mapped in the ConnectWise Integration Settings was erroneously set, you can follow the below steps to update the existing Products in ConnectWise in order to prevent Quoter from matching to the existing ConnectWise Product:

1. Update the ConnectWise Product ID and MFR Part # to include -deleted (or similar naming convention) for the Product(s) in question:

2. Onced updated, navigate back to Quoter and create a Quote where you pull in the Product from your Distributor. When synced from Quoter to ConnectWise, the above change will prevent Quoter from matching to the existing Item and instead, a new Product with the correct class will be created:

Please note: Should the existing ConnectWise Product not be associated with any Opportunities or Service Tickets, it can simply be deleted from ConnectWise in order to allow Quoter to create a new Product the next time the Product is quoted. 

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