If the sync between Quoter and Kaseya has failed with the error:

Error creating Account: Client Name should be unique! 

This error is being caused because the Account it's trying to create in Kaseya cannot be created as an Account already exists in Kaseya with a status of "Inactive". 

Please review the Manufacturer and Supplier associated with the included Products. For example, the Quoted Item below has a Manufacturer of 'Acer' and Supplier of 'Ingram Micro':

The first step in troubleshooting the cause of the error is to navigate to CRM > Accounts in Kaseya to check the Status of each Account:

The Status being Inactive for 'Ingram Micro' being found as the reason for the error will allow the Account to be Edited to change the Status to Active:

Navigating back to Quoter will allow the failed push to be manually re-attempted or Quoter will automatically re-attempt the push provided it hasn't exceeded the allowed number of attempts:

Please contact Quoter Support if you continue to experience issues. 

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