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HaloPSA and Quoter have collaborated on an integration to benefit our mutual partners.

Integration Overview

In Quoter, when creating a Quote:

  • Person Search can be used to lookup a Halo User and associate them with the Person the Quote is prepared for.

  • If the Quote is being prepared for a Halo User, the Opportunity Lookup dropdown becomes available so that the Quote can be associated with an existing Halo Opportunity.

  • Line matching is by name or SKU, and if a line passed from Quoter does not match an existing line, it will create a new product (based on product group mappings established in Halo).

  • Quoter pushes the unique identifiers for the Halo User and Opportunity back to Halo to match data within Halo.

  • Important note: A Halo User can have data populated in up to four address line fields, in addition to a Country and Region field. In order to bring Halo User addresses into Quoter accurately, Quoter requires the Country and Region fields to be populated in Halo and the address fields used consistently across all Halo Users. You can map the Halo Address fields to Quoter Address fields in the Quoter integration settings page.

    If you have any questions on how the integration works within Quoter, please reach out to us at success@quoter.com.

In Halo, when a Quote is published or updated:

  • If the Quoter Quote is associated with an existing Halo User and Opportunity, then a Halo Quote is created using the data from Quoter.

    • The Halo User that the Quoter Quote was prepared for will be the end-user of the Halo Quote (presented in the top right-hand side of the Quote Screen).

    • A link to the Opportunity will be presented on the right-hand side of the Halo Quote.

    • The Halo Quote can be obtained from the associated Opportunity.

  • Halo parses the Quote Line Items and, if the Quoter Line Item category has been mapped to a HaloPSA Product group, then a new product will be created within said HaloPSA Product group.

  • When a Quote is Accepted, a Sales Order will be created in Halo.

Important note: Halo is currently not creating new Opportunities from published Quotes. To take advantage of this integration, you must create the Halo User and Opportunity in advance of creating the Quote in Quoter.

Any questions on what happens in Halo should be brought to support@halopsa.com.

Field Mappings

Quoter's Person, Quote, and Line Item data is pushed to Halo when a Quoter Quote is published.

When creating a Quoter Quote you can use Person Search to prepare the Quote for a Halo User. When you do this, this is the mapping of the Halo User to the Quoter Person:

Optimal Flow

At the moment, Halo is not creating new Users or new Opportunities when Quoter Quotes are published. The recommended flow is to always connect your Quoter Quote to an existing Halo User and Opportunity.

Integration Settings

First, in Halo, please follow the steps outlined here to connect the Quoter integration:


Next, in Quoter, go to Settings > Integrations > New Integration:

Select Halo from the available PSA integrations:

Enter your Halo Domain:

Copy your Webhook Hash Key and login to your Halo account:

In Halo, paste the Webhook Hash Key as below:

Input the Username, Password, and Client ID:

Set your desired address mapping:

And click Save Integration :)

Happy Quoting!

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