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Edit/Revise this Quote
Edit/Revise this Quote
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A Revision of the Quote will be created (e.g. Quote 101.1) when editing a Quote. The reason we do this is because it’s possible the Quote has already been sent and/or seen by your customer, and it would be odd for it to randomly update particularly if the customer is viewing the Web View of the Quote or the Quote PDF being different between versions.

As part of our Quote Unification release currently in Beta, this update will prevent you from editing Quote Revisions made on the old interface:

This is because the new interface drastically changed the way we handle Revisions to give them a lot more functionality! We understand this might make things a little harder in the short term so here are a few handy tips on what to do if your Quote Revision can no longer be edited:

  • Edit or copy the first version of the Quote (by clicking ‘...’ to the right of the Quote)

  • If you’ve deleted the first Revision, let us know and we can restore it for you!

  • Search for the Quote Number using the blue filters at the top of the ‘Quotes’ tab. You will then be able to ‘Export to CSV’ to easily see the Line Item’s cost, pricing, and margins that were on the Quote Revision.

You can still send Quote Revisions and have them accepted by your customer! Any Revisions moving forwards will have all of the same functionality as Quote Create, including the ability to change the Acceptance Terms, add Taxes, and Quote Copy.

Quoter Tip
Revisions DO NOT count towards your monthly usage limits

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