Set up PayPal as a Payment Gateway

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Getting Started

To get started with PayPal, you'll need a PayPal Business Account with the Payflow Gateway enabled. You can sign up for a PayPal Business Account here.

Once you've got your Business Account, follow these steps to set up your Payflow Gateway. When that's done, you can start connecting it to Quoter!

Adding PayPal as a Payment Gateway

  1. In Quoter, navigate to Settings > Payment Gateways and click New Gateway. This will bring up a dropdown list. Select PayPal:

  2. In a new tab, sign in to your PayPal account and navigate to Account Settings > Account Access. Next to API Access, click Update:

    3. Under PayPal API, navigate to NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) and click Manage API credentials:

    You'll be shown your API Username, API Password and Signature. Click Show to view the keys:

    4. Back in Quoter, scroll down to Payment Gateway Settings and copy the API keys from PayPal:

    5. Click Save Payment Gateway. You'll now see the PayPal option when paying via checkout!

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