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Site Selection for ConnectWise Manage

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Hey ConnectWise users, you asked and we delivered - Quoter now supports ConnectWise Manage Site Selection when you’re creating Quotes!

How it works

When you create a Quote, if you select a contact from ConnectWise Manage as the person who will receive the Quote, we now include the option to select any site from ConnectWise that is associated with the company that the contact is from. This reduces manual work in ConnectWise Manage and streamlines your quoting process.

By default, the Site Selection selects the site associated with the contact in ConnectWise Manage. If a site is not associated with the contact in Connectwise Manage, we use the company’s primary site.

When you select a site that is not the default from the Site Selection, we update the address details of the person you’re creating the Quote for to reflect the address of the site selected.

If you use Opportunity Selection and choose to associate the Quote with an existing opportunity in ConnectWise Manage, we will use the site of that existing opportunity and the Site Selection option will be deactivated.

Site Selection is only applicable when Quoter creates new opportunities in ConnectWise Manage. If the site of the existing opportunity is inactive, we show a warning message that informs you of this.


  • If a Shipping Address is added to the Quote, a Shipping Site will be matched or created in ConnectWise using that address information. Site Selection is not used for Shipping Addresses.

  • If another database source is used instead of ConnectWise, the Site will be matched or created using the entered address information.

We hope this feature is beneficial to your business and helps speed up your quote-to-cash process.

Happy Quoting!

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