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Integrate with Salesforce
Integrate with Salesforce
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Use this article as a guide when integrating your account with Salesforce.

At any time, you can come back to the Integrations page (Settings > Integrations) to make changes to the integration.

The field mappings are set up automatically when you follow the instructions below. For more information, take a look at this article.


Custom Fields and Validations

Please note that this integration does not support custom fields and validations. For example, having a custom field as required will cause a push request to fail.

Removed Fields

Removing one of the default fields in Salesforce may cause a pull request to fail. For example, Person Search, Opportunity Selector, or Product Search.


  • Your Salesforce edition must have API access in order to integrate with Quoter

  • Salesforce integration requires our Enterprise Plan or Enterprise Integrations Add-On.

  • Only users with administrative or API permissions will work with the integration

  • Salesforce requires an expiry date. If you have set the default expiration (in days) to 0, the quotes will be posted in Salesforce with a 1 year expiry.

  • The Opportunity Product Discount field is required to push line items. Please ensure this field is active and the field-level security is also set to active (e.g. visible) in Salesforce.

Integration Overview

  • When creating a Quote in Quoter, you can search for an existing Salesforce Contact using our Person Search feature or create a new one automatically.

  • When a Quote or Person is created in Quoter, the customer's contact information will be automatically added to your Salesforce account under Contacts. If a Person with a matching email address already exists in Salesforce, it will be updated. An Account will also be created to store the Person's company name and address, if necessary.

  • When a Quote is created in Quoter, an Opportunity will be created in Salesforce. A PDF version of the Quote will be added to Salesforce Files and linked to the Opportunity. Any updates to the same Opportunity will also update the PDF of the linked Salesforce File as a new version.

  • With the "Create Salesforce Quotes" feature activated, when a Quote is created in Quoter, a Salesforce Quote will be created in addition to the Opportunity. A PDF version of the Quote will be added as a Quote Document.

  • Salesforce Account, Contact, and Opportunity Owners will be associated with Salesforce users that match Quoter users by email address.

Setup Instructions

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations to select Salesforce under CRM:

2. You'll be navigated to the Add Salesforce Integration dialog that will allow you enter your credentials and specify Quote Settings before clicking Save Integration:

3. To complete the setup process, complete the Quote Status Mapping and click Save Integration:

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