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Integrate with Zoho CRM
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Use this article as a guide when integrating your account with Zoho CRM.

At any time, you can come back to the Integrations page (Settings > Integrations) to make changes to the integration.

The field mappings are set up automatically when you follow the instructions below. For more information, take a look at this article.

Integration Overview

  • When a Quote or Person is created in Quoter, the customer's information will be automatically pushed to your Zoho CRM under Contacts and Account. If a Person with a matching email address already exists in Zoho, it will be updated.

  • When a Quote is created in Quoter, the information will be pushed to Zoho Deal and a copy of the PDF version of the Quote will be added to the Deal under Attachment.

  • For users of Zoho Professional plan or higher (with Quotes module), Quotes will also be created in Zoho and get associated to the Deal. PDF attachment will be pushed under Quote instead of Deal.

  • When pushing to Zoho, the integration will try to match the Owner with the Quoter User by email address. When no Zoho User is found, Zoho will automatically pick the default User.

  • In order to see Deals in the Deal Search, the Amount Field in Zoho must be set to Visible.

  • All monetary values will be posted to Zoho using its default currency setting, which can be found in Setup > Company Details. For users of Zoho Enterprise or Ultimate editions, multi-currency is not supported.

  • Zoho Quotes does not have a mappable Shipping field. Therefore, the Shipping Amount (if present) will be added to the Zoho Quote as a Line Item. 

Integration Requirements

  • Deals require an expiry date. If no default expiration date is set in Quoter, the Deal expiry date will be set by default to 1 year.

  • A Home Currency must be set in Zoho under Setup > General > Company Details > Home Currency.
    Note: Zoho must not be on a trial version.

  • Different Quote Statuses (Pending, Lost, etc.) cannot be mapped to the same Zoho Stage. This will prevent Deals from being visible in the Deal Search.

Integration Limitations

  • Tax mapping is coming soon. Currently tax push is not yet supported.

Setup Instructions

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations to select Zoho under CRM:

2. You'll be navigated to the Add Zoho CRM Integration dialog that will allow you to connect to or Zoho.EU depending on your location:

3. Click the 'Accept' button to allow Quoter to access data in your Zoho account:

4. To complete the setup process, complete the Stage Mapping and click Save Integration:

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